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Foundry Utah

October 3rd, 2011

A quick shout out to a great organization that helped me find my path and start the journey of entrepreneurship. The Foundry is technically an incubator program sponsored by the University of Utah. In reality, it was and still is a community of like-minded people interested in figuring out how to start a company with nothing but a whiteboard and a few documents. A little MacGyverish sounding but having been part of its creation it definitely had that feel of finding a way to get something done with what you had and expecting it to work.

They’ve been running in semi-stealth mode for well over a year (here is the post I wrote in May 2010 when I joined the Foundry) but have finally put up a website to interact  with the outside world since the world kept asking how to find them. I guess in that way it was a little more A-Teamish. It is a unique program that focuses not on building a business but on building the entrepreneur and letting them build the businesses. The businesses themselves vary in industry and success but the end result is more lifetime entrepreneurs and game changers. Not a bad place to spend a few months. If you are interested in keeping an eye on their mayhem sign-up for their newsletter.

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