Kickstarter Lessons Learned

April 30th, 2013 by hoha Leave a reply »

Just as a follow up to the previous post and to get back into the swing of things. So a couple of obvious confirmation of other tips that have already be given by other experts. You’ve got 2 weeks. If you can’t get a significant portion of your goal funded then any future onlookers pass the project over assuming that it is unlikely that they will get the rewards promised or that it isn’t worth it. On a related note make sure you set realistic goals-not realistic to you but to others. Social media is a great avenue to generate buzz as are ask emails.

Other things I had never before supposed include bad metrics, market test, alpha or beta customer identification. So I was using this as a market-product fit largely and was unimpressed by Kickstarters back-end metrics dashboard. I could basically see how many started to watch the video and how many watched the whole thing (so does that mean if they stop with 10 seconds to go it doesn’t count as the whole thing?). I wanted to know about who was interested and if they watched the video before the chose to donate or not. A word to the wise try to use a or run it through your own website to get better numbers. I was able to interact with those 1st customers pretty well and I did end up running a few ads on Facebook and Google Adwords to get an idea for how much a customer acquisition might run and also use LinkedIn to target potential future acquirers or distribution partners. Facebook was cheaper but didn’t drive as much traffic as Google Adwords.

Things I wish I would have done: A better job on the video. Better prep work-meaning create some press releases for local media and related bloggers. The feedback I received was that people knew of others that had the problem I was solving but just didn’t hear about it or because of the fashion-nature of the sandals people wanted custom colors. I should have perhaps used the project as a forum for color preferences as well. I don’t think I’ll continue this particular project but a great learning experience.


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