Success Metrics

August 2nd, 2012 by hoha Leave a reply »

I’m trying to avoid opening this post with what might sound like introspective lyrics (e.g. life is a journey…) but find it rather challenging. This past year has been eye opening through my own and others experiences (I’m thankful for vicarious learning, though saddened by it as well) as to what I personally prioritize in my life both short and long term. I’ve tried to reshuffle things accordingly,deal with the consequences of a shift in thinking and struggled to change old habits. I find it is also a shift in identity, how you define yourself, the world around you , and where you fit in it especially when you no longer play by the rules. When I’ve talked about my life changes something that seems to resonate with others is the concept of changing your success metrics of your life. A great oldie (considering how fast things move) but goodie on this topic is this article in the Harvard Business Review (¬†Enjoy!


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