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The Entrepreneur: Daily Problem-Solvers

March 28th, 2012

I’m currently engaged in a research project that broadly seeks to understand how entrepreneurs do what they do. The current area that I’m looking at is how entrepreneurs see challenges or obstacles, how they decide to persist, and in what ways are they able to overcome those perceived obstacles. Thus far it seems that entrepreneurs come across so many obstacles on a daily basis that it becomes difficult to describe something they do so frequently. Many times entrepreneurs answer questions by elaborating on the problem they had to face with quite a bit of detail and then give a very generic or quick answer that doesn’t demonstrate the how very well. It requires a bit of prying or listening for what is being alluded to. To be fair it is tough to describe how you learn something. If fish are the last to notice the water because it is an all encompassing part of their life the same could be said for entrepreneurs and problem solving. Glub, glub.

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