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Fog Walkers

September 24th, 2011

This morning the temperatures were such that my car window was foggy even after the wiping off of the morning moisture. I begin to drive with the defrost fan full blast, squinting against the rising sun, trying to see through the foggy window. I used the wipers, I adjusted the visor, I huddled against the steering wheel to peer through the small crack of clarity created by the blowing air. Eventually it got better and it was no longer difficult. I was glad it wasn’t real fog. The kind that requires slowing down because you can’t see very far in front of you unsure of what is out there.

The uncertainty that fog creates caused me to reflect on the uncertainty of the future, of the market, of starting a business. Entrepreneurs are people that walk into the economic fog of uncertainty and grab hold of a business idea. They then drag it to where the rest of the world can see it and explore the risky venture. What that business is and looks like when it emerges with customers maybe different than expected, even to the entrepreneur that grabbed hold.

Many people feel it takes a special person to wander off in to the fog in search of the new. While I believe everyone is different and brings their own unique set of talents; I also believe that entrepreneurship is more about making judgments, learning what customers want, and realizing that this kind of fog is only temporary. Entrepreneurship is the process by which an idea moves from the obscurity of the unknown to an established business making calculated risks in a changing market.

Exploring this process and learning how to become an economic fog walker will be the subject of the next series of posts to help anyone who thinks they want to be an entrepreneur to take their first steps on their journey.

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