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This morning I was involved in the beginnings of a great discussion about creating a disruptive financing model for lean start-ups and then late one of the participants posted the following interview that Kauffman did with Steve Blank. We’ve referenced Steve’s work in another post about customer discovery.

This particular interview is great because it gives a condensed history of how Silicon Valley became Silicon Valley. Steve offers this historical flashback as containing the answer to what many regions around the country are asking, namely, “How do we create another Silicon Valley?”

He identifies the concentration of not only talented people from all over the world but the culture of risk taking that is created when those people migrate there. Making the argument that a culture of risk taking can’t be created by people who live close to the social norms of their childhood.

So according to this theory, if someone is seeking to simulate Silicon Valley and use entrepreneurism as an economic driver in a region in the US; they will only experience success if they are able to create an innovation cluster by having the best and brightest move to that location and keep them there long enough to attract the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

On the other hand who wants to be Silicon Valley? I refuse to believe that is the only way to create a successful entrepreneurial environment. I do however believe that entrepreneurism is a great economic driver for not only the US but for the world, especially considering the current global unemployment situation.

So what are the barriers that need to be overcome or factors that need to be in place to create a thriving entrepreneurial economic driver where you live?


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