The Status of Management Reports

May 26th, 2010 by hoha Leave a reply »

Throughout my time spent in organizations I’ve seen a lack of communication. Most workplace conflicts were because there was a disagreements about who should do what, when, and how. Since starting to organize a startup or two virtually I’ve found that despite my best intentions that dearth of communication plagues my own creations.

Last week, however, I was introduced to a simple tool that helps minimize the communication problem within the organization. A weekly management report. That’s it-no drum roll necessary. I’ve include some videos of some training that was delivered to The Foundry by Adam Slovik of RemedyMD. They’ve been broken down to palatable blips of time and don’t include the introductory portion. For me personally it works as a great way to organize my thoughts and stay focused on the right things during the week.

Management Report

Metrics Section

Progress Section Part 1

Progress Section Part 2

Plan Section

Problem Section

Priorities Section

How to use them during the week


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