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The title brings to mind some sort of Hallmark card for a major life transition (graduation, marriage, etc.). So I hope that is the case for me as well. Early this morning The Foundry had its first of many Monday morning meetings. The meeting is comprised of a representative from each of the participating companies and is present to both ask and offer resources from the group.

Any time a new group meets it is always interesting to watch the group dynamics begin to form. I think many were expecting the director to take the lead but he refrained from doing so. Quite a few sat silent for most of the meeting while a handful of others spoke up sharing their needs. I don’t know if it was the morning factor or the uncertainty of expectations but the format definitely favors the aggressive.

Major themes included legal, website development, and people. The people issue was something that was continually brought up like an echo that kept bouncing of a canyon wall. So it was proposed that over the next few weeks if anyone came across people interested in working for a start-up they were to refer them to the Gangplank meeting on Wednesday night around 6pm to meet the different teams and find out what they needed. So if you’re interested come on down!

In a previous post I listed out the different teams that were a part of the Boom Startup program (which also started today-with the pairing of the teams with their mentors and expectation setting) so to be fair and to begin to be bias here is a list (names and sites may change in the future-I’ll try to keep it updated) of the different Foundry teams with a brief and probably inaccurate summary of what they’re all about. (hokie pokie everyone!) My apologies for anything or one left out.

  1. Meta Restaurant-Nutritionally balanced fast food
  2. ColdSpoon-Spoon used for cooling food and measuring temp.
  3. Early Stage Legal-Documentation creation for entrepreneurs
  4. EngineerInc-GIS Planning System
  5. Patriotic Reflections-Internet retailer of high quality flag displays
  6. Artesian Systems-Fashionable and easily maintainable water storage systems
  7. RedFlower-Authentic Auga Frescas
  8. Dash & Cooper-Custom suit experience at a non-traditional price
  9. iPadGame Controller-Universal controller
  10. A Priori-Specialty foods wholesaler (by the way he has some great deals on fancy chocolate)
  11. Novobi-IT consulting and creation services w/team in Vietnam
  12. CupAd-Putting the brand in their hand (fun tagline) Ads on coffee cups provide free to coffee shops
  13. Seam Machine-Machine that replaces a 3-man roof restoration team
  14. Salt Lake Mobile Detail-Mobile auto detailing
  15. for social media marketing
  16. Btree Media– Media Design and Marketing Company
  17. Reminiscent Pictures-Creating digital memories
  18. Life Sciences- Commercializing life sciences innovations

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