Godzilla, the ideal entrepreneur?

March 26th, 2010 by hoha Leave a reply »

I was pointed to this article/video from Tech Crunch this past February that shares a little bit of Mike Maples’ story and philosophy. He references Thunder Lizards as the ideal kind of companies to invest in because they disrupt they way things work, require fairly minimal investment amounts, and have huge returns upon exit. When he talks to entrepreneurs he is looking for someone who has a non-consensus idea and  the right attitude: crush the competition and dominate the world. They’re not looking for just a quick exit, but rather they want to impact the world.

It caused me to pause and wonder what vision and attitude I had towards the ventures I’m involved in. Do I want to be a Thunder Lizard or am I content with just a little rampage? Even though I want to bootstrap am I willing to take on some investors to grow more quickly before Tokyo can prepare for my attack? Are you a Thunder Lizard?


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