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Scribd Business Model

Today I had an interesting experience in user perception. While following a link to a presentation I was interested, in I arrived at the Scribd site and was greeted with the view shown above. Although the screen capture might not do the blinking neon banner at the bottom justice, I hope that those reading this will share similar sentiments to those I experienced. The content is surrounded by gimmicky advertising that screams desperation to me. If you’ve built a business dependent on advertising muscle enhancers and the chance to win WalMart gift cards then I begin to seriously doubt your future prospects. Maybe I’m being to quick to judge Scribd. After all, I’ve always considered them a reputable company. Its amazing what today’s visit did to my perception. My biggest take away from this experience is the importance of being aware how you’re projecting yourself to your customers. Take a second to view your public presence through your customer’s eyes and make sure there aren’t any metaphorical flashing neon banner ads.


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