Is Google lowering the bar for entrepreneurs?

December 24th, 2009 by tomeast Leave a reply »

Recently I was listening to an episode of the Rebooting the News podcast where I heard Jay Rosen discussing a concept project called that he’d like to bring to fruition. While explaining the project, he also mentioned his technical inability to build it on his own. While I’ve blogged about bringing people with ideas together with implementers, his comments also made me consider what options others like him have to bring good, web-based ideas into reality.

One somewhat recent development for people in a similar situation is the arrival of Google’s App Engine. This service is hosted by Google and allows people to create up to 10 free sites (some usage limits apply). For some entrepreneurs, this could be a great, low cost resource to float new ideas or explore new internet products. The problem is the technical skillset that has often been required to create a new web based site/product.

I recently attended a presentation by Charles Severance where he mentioned a course he teaches designed to bring non-programmer librarians up to speed with App Engine. He has also published a book, Using Google App Engine, that “assumes no existing knowledge of programming”.  I’ve decided to give this book a try to see if it can help non-programming entrepreneurs. In an upcoming post(s), I’ll try and apply the techniques outlined in the book to creating a new business concept. I’m hoping to determine if this approach will work for some of my friends who aren’t (and don’t want to be programmers). Stay tuned…


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