Part-time Ponderings

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Currently I have a full-time job and am seeking to do a start-up or two on the side. Like many of us it is with plans to sometime switch from the full-time grind of working for someone else to the full-time grind of working for myself.

However, the whole work-life balance thing (like I ever really had it to begin with) gets thrown out of whack with this part-time approach because of that silly 24 hours in a day rule and this annoying thing called sleep (it really isn’t annoying-I love it actually). The problem is compounded if you have others in your life like a spouse or children.

As I examine my life and look to do those things which energize me and are most important to me I find that my current job just gets in the way, especially because it demands as much as I’ll give and then some. So I consider quitting…

It is like going to the edge of the high dive for the first time inching cautiously closer and peering over the edge before changing your mind and postponing it just a little longer-especially in this economy I tell myself.

The phrase “this economy” makes me think of all the opportunity there is because there is so much pain to solve. So I pause at the end of the diving board and glance back to consider it once again.

What if I just find a less demanding job that doesn’t require a long commute, in a place that doesn’t cost so much to live in? Would it get easier? I ask myself. Would I take a pay cut to have that? Would my family? Would I work a job that wasn’t fulfilling for that free time?

Then I start to dream a little more-what if it was job I actually enjoyed? Whoops back to working for someone else. So much for breaking out of my cage. So I look at learning from those who are doing it. What if I were to work for a start-up, that’s a good way to get my feet wet with this whole entrepreneurial thing. My daydreaming search turned up a few interesting sites that I wanted to share in case you happen to take this exit on the highway of life.

Here are a few job posting sites that specialize in working for start-ups. Warning some are geographic specific and others primarily focus on tech jobs:

Here’s hoping for a swan dive rather than a belly flop. Good luck everyone!


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