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On the Shoulders of Giants

November 20th, 2009

I happened to come across Google Scholar’s tagline encouraging searchers to “Stand on the shoulders of giants.” The phrase is usually attributed to a quote by Sir Isaac Newton who was deflecting praise for his vision and accomplishments when he said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” The phrase denotes others having done the work and you benefiting or building on top of it.

I’ve worried that I’ve used that as a justification for taking a couple different developed ideas and combining them to create something I call my own but know full well that it is really just a hodge-podge of other people’s ideas. Was I just saying “me too!”? Did the R&D I was doing really stand for “rip off and duplicate”? What kind of Entrepreneur am I? A friend noted as I was lamenting my quandary that as long as you were adding value you were creating and not just copying.

In Peter Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship, he traces the first use of the word entrepreneur to the 1800s. “The entrepreneur shifts economic resources out of an area of lower {productivity} into a higher area of productivity and greater yield.” -French Economist JB Say. It was first coined specifically as an intermediary between capital and labor. It is interesting to note the French meaning of the words ‘entre preneur’ would translate to a “between taker”.

Mr. Drucker elaborates by saying that often the entrepreneur doesn’t create the change themselves but looks for changes and capitalizes on the opportunities created by the change. Where is the need now? What opportunity has recent change created?

Innovation also is created by the combining of two unrelated components into something never before supposed. We liked that idea so we’re exploring a fun way to bring that experience and opportunity to you. We’re still trying to decide what to call the tool though. Email us if you’d be interested in trying it out for us. More details later.

A little help from my friends…

November 19th, 2009

A quick post and a request for some help. Some brainhuddlers (me and a few other guys) that have decided to jump on an idea from an earlier post. We’re in the process of creating a logo for the website that is under development. Go to the following link at to view different designs that are being submitted over the next 2 weeks. Help us pick a logo-click on a design that you like and choose to “heart it”.  Or if you’re a little artistic submit something and see if you’re the lucky winner of the $200. Good luck to everyone!

Building Relationships

November 14th, 2009

The last post by Tomeast has been rumbling around my head for awhile. I love the idea but as I try to put myself in the users perspective I start to get concerned about the details. Why would I respond to someone’s classified ad? I can think of a few but each has different implications.

  • One would be because I think I can do what they need.
  • Two, because I’m intrigued by what they are doing.
  • Three, I just want to be a part of something, I want to start something-entrepreneurial life seems idyllic .
  • Four, it’s all about the money and freedom.

Now if I’m the one who posted the classified then I’m really only interested in one and maybe two depending on how they can help me-they may just be a future customer. However, even the first group needs to be narrowed down more. Do I like this person? Do I trust them? Can they really help?

The people that respond or think about responding have the same sort of questions. Is this someone who will really be a partner? Can I trust and count on them? Is this idea really going to work? It is very much like a relationship as people dance around each other trying to understand who the other really is and what they really care about.

That process is hard enough when you are face to face let alone avatar to avatar. Although as more and more of our relationships are facilitated by texting, tweeting, and facebook updates it becomes easier to imagine.

So how to overcome that barrier and narrow the crowd down to people that I’ll enjoy being around, that are as dedicated as I am or more so, that I can trust and add value?

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