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After the last post I realize I tend to blather on; I’ll try to keep this one a little more… hmm…shall we say succinct. A friend of mine challenged me to think about connecting with people AND ideas. This site is about both but currently really just favors ideas and only ideas from a couple of brains at that. It’s time to do a flashback. Everybody wave your fingers up and down like a Wayne’s World episode-dude-a-lu, dude-a-lu, dude-a-lu. Party Time! Excellent!

Originally, the idea for BrainHuddle was born as a solution for students that didn’t want to become a cog in the Corporate America machine or at least not stay there very long. Instead I wanted to create a space where people could join together with other people they trusted to come up with business ideas doing things they enjoyed that would free them from the need to work for loud, demanding bosses or in soulless organizations that profess one thing but do another.

However, time passed and neglect that comes from the unfocused busyness of life morphed it into its current state. Which is still better than being just a wish, but it may be time for an additional mutation. Help us explore ways to accomplish that original idea and make it available for everyone.

We could attempted to turn this into a free- for- all blog that allows anyone to post their ideas instead of just commenting on existing blogs with some veto power intact to prevent spam or non-value add items to show up. If people like the idea they could contact the author and explore ways to get there.

Or we could allow people to register and create their own Brain Huddles and either make them private or public for those that want to be involved with just a few close friends or want to meet people that share similar interests. But how could you make that different from a Yahoo/ Google group or a private blog?

Then why not use existing systems and create an app on Facebook or Twitter that allows you to create your own BrainHuddle or Board of Directors for your life. BrainHuddle=Blog/Journal +Mentors? Maybe that is another level of Facebook or Linked In-invites to be a part of one’s BrainHuddle. Does it need to be focused on creating businesses if it is making a difference to someone?

Maybe there are imposed time limits that require a group to do something by a certain time. Kind of like those weekends where you go and sign up to create a company and dedicate the rest of the time to coming up with a working business plan, model or idea.

What do you want BrainHuddle to be for you? What do you really want? Leave a comment or email us at


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